Cooking Classes

Lisbon | Variable Duration

Cooking Classes

Lisbon | Variable Duration

Gastronomy is perhaps the most authentic cultural manifestation of every city, region and country. And Portuguese gastronomy, with almost 10 centuries of history, remains vibrant, delicious and passionate! For those who love to cook and seek an experience of authentic immersion in our gastronomic culture, we've gathered a series of cooking classes and enogastronomic experiences. To experience and taste with family and/or friends, always accompanied and oriented by a professional chef!
The perfect lesson for those who have always wanted to learn how to cook the delicious, crispy and authentic Portuguese Custard Tarts! During 1h30 you will learn how to cook this and other traditional Portuguese pastry recipes, where the chef will share the secrets and history of each of the recipes you will learn to prepare. In the end you will enjoy what you have cooked paired with coffee, tea or juice.

Max Number of Participants: 8

Day & Time: Wednesday and Sunday, from 9:30 AM to 11 AM
This is probably one of the best classes to discover the portuguese gastronomic culture! From the culinary school, the group follows (in a short walk) to the local market, considered one of the best in Lisbon, to buy the fresh ingredients needed for lunch. During the visit to the market, the chef shares a bit of the history that involves the wealth and variety of Portuguese food products and how they are used in local and national cuisine. After the visit and shopping, the group will walk back to the cooking school to start the lunch preparation (the menu varies according to the products available in the market, however, as part of lunch, a starter, a main course and a dessert, all prepared from scratch, will be served). During this cooking class tips and culinary secrets about the recipes are shared and in the end you will taste what you have prepared, paired with red or white wine, water or juice. Wine and snacks will be available during lunch preparation.

Max Number of Participants: 10

Days & Time: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
In this class we unveil many of the secrets of Portuguese gastronomy! Tips and tricks on how to prepare some of the most beloved traditional Portuguese recipes are shared in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, where everyone helps prepare the dinner menu (starter, main course and dessert). The menu may vary depending on the seasonality of the ingredients, but a delicious dinner is guaranteed, paired with Portuguese wines (red and/or white), water and juice. And because there are those who love to cook while drinking a glass of wine, wine and snacks will also be available during dinner preparation.

Max Number of Participants: 10

Days & Time: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, from 6:30 PM to 10 PM
Bring a pen and paper and get ready to write down Mother Isabel's recipes! At this dinner, this Portuguese Mother, graduated in Anthropology and currently retired, prepares the recipes without written measures and temper them with a loving heart. Each of these dinners is a unique experience, since there is no set menu (so if you want the recipes take some personal notes). Bring your appetite, get ready to rest your hands and for a surprise menu, homemade flavors and a dinner consisting of starter, main course and dessert, Portuguese wines (red and white), water and juice, and many facts and stories about Portugal and the Portuguese (past and present).

Max Number of Participants: 10

Day & Time: Variable days, from 8 PM to 10:30 PM
In Portugal we call "Petiscos" to small portions of food (in Spain they are called "Tapas"). In the Portuguese recipe book there are hundreds of "Petiscos", some vegetarians, lactovegetarians, others with seafood and/or fish, with meat and others with charcuterie. But regardless of type, all of them are simply delicious! In this experience of taste and wine pairing (all the "petiscos" will be paired with different wines, chosen according to the characteristics and flavor of each recipe) you have two options: to "only" taste and enjoy the delights that the chef will be preparing for you and discover some curiosities about this Portuguese dishes or you can put your "hands in the dough" in some small tasks of the preparation of the 4 to 5 "petiscos" and the dessert of this food experience. Which will be your choice?

Max Number of Participants: 5

Day & Time: Wednesday, from 6 PM to 10 PM



MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS & DURATION: Variable depending on class and/or experience

INFO: According to your wish, the lesson and/or experience can be private (only for your family and/or your group of friends)


All classes and culinary experiences take place in a professional culinary school
Accompaniment and orientation by professional chefs (except in the experience "Dinner by the Hand of a Portuguese Mother")
All ingredients and drinks (wine, water and/or juice, coffee or tea) that compose the menus of each class and/or experience
Use of a professional kitchen, all the utensils, instruments and kitchen equipment needed to the preparation of recipes


Everything not mentioned in "Services Included"


Daily classes and experiences, with specific days and times and availability subject to confirmation


Please contact us indicating the class and/or experience of your preference, day, number of people, if there are any restrictions or food intolerances and if you want a private class or experience to